Review Avatrade : Best Forex Broker 2022 ? What our Experts Say


Our review about AvaTrade

Avatrade is one of the forex brokers currently present in the forex trading market. Avatrade fr appeared in the world of online trading in 2006 and is the result of a successful merger between financial specialists and online trading experts.

Belonging to the category of regulated brokers, Avatrade provides its clients with fully customised trading solutions with, in particular, more than 250 trading instruments to be implemented according to their investor profile.

What is your opinion on Avatrade UK and does this forex broker offer competitive services compared to its competitors, whether in terms of its available assets, the Avatrade bonuses offered, its fresh Avatrade or the performance of its Avatrade mobile application?

To know everything about this forex broker, here is our Avatrade opinion by our specialists.

Presentation of the broker

It was during 2006 that Avatrade made its foray into the online forex and CFD brokerage market, initially under the name AvaFX. Ava Trade is currently headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

Since its creation, the forex broker Avatrade has considerably developed its activity and now has more than 200,000 client accounts worldwide and records more than 2 million transactions every month.

Avatrade now has offices in many countries and even has an Ava Trade office in Paris, UK. In addition to the diversity and the quality of the products and services it has developed for the benefit of its clients, Ava Trade has built a solid credibility in the eyes of investors thanks to its deep respect for the different regulations of its host countries.

Renowned for its regulatory rigor and the security it guarantees to its clients, the forex broker Avatrade also allows its traders to implement numerous strategies including Hedging and Scalping, all on more than 60 currency pairs without forgetting different CFDs such as shares, gold or indices. The following chapters describe Avatrade’s services and advantages over other online forex brokers in more detail.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the broker Avatrade

In our Avatrade opinion, here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the forex broker.

Avatrade Advantages :

  • Reliability and a high level of security for the Ava Trade platform
  • A total absence of commissions
  • Quality support for beginner forex traders

Disadvantages Avatrade :

  • Insufficient FAQs
  • Ergonomics of the platform can be improved
  • A not very easy handling of the platform

How to trade on Avatrade: platform presentation

With more than 200 instruments other than forex and CFD assets, plus some 60 currencies to trade with, the Avatrade platform offers a wide choice to its clients and its services will adapt to their level of experience

Avatrade offers not one but several forex trading platforms. Beginner traders will wisely turn to the Ava Trader platform, simple to use and accessible to novices for trading and experienced traders will probably prefer Ava Metatrader which offers greater leverage and more complex tools.

Another point worth highlighting with the Avatrade platform, this forex broker offers the opportunity to trade with crypto-money. The chapter below summarizes everything you need to know about the Avatrade platform.

Avatrade forex

How to open an account at Avatrade?

Before addressing the issue of Avatrade connection, it is important to address the issue of the process of opening an account with this forex broker. In addition to the absence of Avatrade fresh during this process, opening an account with this forex broker is characterized by its simplicity and speed.

To become a client of Avatrade and open an account, the subscriber must first fill in an online form which will take no more than a few minutes. Once this form has been finalised, it will be submitted to the Avatrade administrator for validation.

Once this step has been completed, an email will be sent to the new customer to inform him/her of the validation of his/her request and subject to providing the valid ID requested during registration.

This is one of the specificities of opening an account with Avatrade. The identity document will allow Avatrade forex broker to make sure that the applicant has the minimum legal age to trade forex online.

As soon as these steps are completed and after confirmation of opening an Avatrade account, the new client will be able to start trading immediately.

Important point: as mentioned above, Ava Trade provides its clients with different types of accounts or platforms that the client can select at the time of subscription.

Among the Avatrade accounts or platforms to choose from are, for example, Avajava (beginners), Ava Metatrader (experienced) or Ava MT4 (experts).

Available assets

Avatrade makes it a point of honour to offer its clients the widest range of assets available. Here are those offered by the forex broker:

  • Actions

Avatrade offers hundreds of shares on the stock market, including a large number of internationally listed securities as well as the main stock market indices.

  • Currencies

The Avatrade client will have access to a wide range of currencies from the most well-known to the most confidential.

  • Indices

19 stock market indices are available from Avatrade, including the CAC 40, the Nasdaq 100 and the Nikkei 225.

  • Crypto-currency

7 crypto-currencies are proposed by Avatrade, the main ones like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

  • Raw materials

Various raw materials are available at Avatrade including energy raw materials such as oil and gas. Precious metals are also available (gold, silver, etc …).

Bonuses offered by Avatrade

Regarding Avatrade bonuses, it is clear that the forex broker does not skimp on generosity as evidenced by the many bonuses and promotions regularly offered to traders.

First of all, Avatrade offers a flat-rate bonus with each first deposit of funds. The amount of this Avatrade bonus will be in correlation with the funds deposited and will be between 40 and 10,000 €. However, in order to obtain this Avatrade bonus and to be able to withdraw it, the trader will have to carry out transactions and reach a volume of transactions corresponding to the amount of the bonus. To do so, the forex trader has a maximum of one year to do so.

In addition to this Avatrade bonus reserved for new account holders, the forex broker has also set up a referral bonus program. When one of the Avatrade traders has made a successful recommendation, the latter will receive a bonus of between €75 and €400.


This point has already been mentioned in the preamble of our Avatrade opinion: the forex broker is worthy of the utmost confidence in terms of security and regulation.

Avatrade: Strict compliance with regulations in force

With its head office in Ireland, where Avatrade is registered with the Central Bank of Ireland under number C53877, Avatrade enjoys a strong position within the European Union.

In addition to the fact that Avatrade complies with the regulations of the countries where this forex broker operates and is regulated by the vast majority of international authorities in this field (MiFiD, ASIC, CBI, etc …), it has an undisputed base in UK. Avatrade UK is regulated by the Banque de UK.

Avatrade can count on the full support of financial institutions and enjoys undeniable credibility among its traders, as evidenced by the absence of disputes encountered with some of its clients as well as with its regulators.

Avatrade: A leading forex broker in the security field

To guarantee optimal protection to its traders against all IT risks (hacking, etc…), Avatrade places security at the heart of its concerns and uses the best technologies in this sector such as True Site, HackerSafe McAfee Secure or the 256-bit SSL encryption system.

Thanks to its various tools, Avatrade guarantees confidentiality and security to its clients, whether it is their identity, their personal data or the funds invested. At Avatrade, there is no risk of theft or misappropriation that can occur on less scrupulous forex trading platforms.

Deposit and withdrawal

With Avatrade, every investor can start trading in forex after making a minimum deposit of €100. The deposit on Avatrade can be made either directly by bank transfer or by transfer from electronic wallets such as Skrill or Paypal. The Avatrade trader can also use his credit card, either Visa or Mastercard.

On Avatrade UK, the minimum transaction that a trader can carry out is 0.05 lots corresponding to 500 units on the selected currency. The forex broker Avatrade has not set any ceiling for deposits.

With respect to withdrawals, again, Ava Trade does not impose a minimum amount or even a maximum number of withdrawals. Please note that each withdrawal is completely free of charge. Just like deposits, withdrawals made by the trader on Avatrade can be made either by credit card, bank transfer or to electronic wallets.

Also to be remembered for withdrawals on Avatrade, the latter will require 5 working days of processing time.


This is one of Avatrade’s assets, the forex broker does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals made by the client. In order not to spoil anything, the deadlines for the realization of transfers are distinguished by their great speed.

In addition to the free forex trading training available, Avatrade allows its new customers to test the platform for 21 days, notably via its demo account.

Avatrade mobile application

In order to offer its clients the possibility to follow their various forex trading operations in real time, Avatrade has designed a high-performance mobile application for its clients that is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. Ava Trade mobile can of course be downloaded completely free of charge.

The trading application offered by Avatrade is a model of ergonomics and simplicity of use and will allow each trader to have direct access to many functions and to be able to carry out all the forex trading operations of his choice from his mobile phone.

Among the features offered by this Ava trade mobile application are, for example, opening an Avatrade account or making deposits. The Avatrade trader will also be able to receive various notifications about his forex trading activities according to his preferences.

Training at Avatrade

The major forex brokers are easily identifiable thanks to the care they take with novice traders and on this point Avatrade does not disappoint. Each novice trader at Avatrade will benefit from personalized support through various comprehensive training courses as well as numerous educational tools especially for learning forex trading such as webinars, Avatrade tutorials or e-books.

For every new novice trader who has chosen Avatrade as their forex broker, this will be a very effective way to learn the basics of forex trading and develop their own investment strategies in the foreign exchange market.

It is important to know that each Avatrade account holder will be able to take advantage of various benefits such as receiving daily market analysis or access to various online courses.

Still in the field of training, Avatrade devotes a special page to global economic indicators of great relevance in terms of forex trading.

In order to study upcoming economic events and develop its forex trading strategy accordingly, Avatrade also provides an economic calendar of undeniable usefulness.

In order to perfect his learning of the world of forex trading, each trader can also find on Avatrade’s site a mine of information, all the detailed technical terms as well as all the fundamental concepts governing the forex market.

To sum up, the training at Avatrade is :

  • Many Avatrade tuto in video
  • A free downloadable eBook
  • Very useful graphical indicators
  • Clear explanations of technical terms and how the forex market works
  • Technical analysis to develop your own forex trading strategy

In other words, Avatrade places the training of its traders at the forefront of its concerns and is the ideal forex broker platform for beginners as well as more experienced traders.

Avatrade’s customer service

Training is not the only field in which Avatrade offers high-level services. Ava trade‘s customer service is also one of the forex broker’s strengths.

Avatrade thus offers a support service available in more than 10 different languages, among which is of course English. This service is accessible exclusively during the hours when the forex market is open, i.e. 24 hours a day when the foreign exchange market is open and 5 days a week. Each Avatrade trader can thus be put in touch with a specialized advisor.

One of the major advantages of Avatrade’s customer service is that it will be possible to obtain a response in accordance with your needs in a very short time, either by telephone, e-mail or chat.

Anxious to meet the requirements of its customers as best as possible, the Avatrade forex broker offers them, from the opening of their account, a quality support adapted to each trader profile.

Our Avatrade opinion: complete and objective

In the end, what is our opinion Avatrade? Taking into account the different criteria reviewed during our evaluation, it is indisputable that Avatrade is among the best forex brokers today.

While beginner and expert traders alike will be very sensitive to the Avatrade bonuses offered, it is also in the areas of security and reliability that this forex trading platform will also be unanimously acclaimed.

In fact, for the quality of its services and the attention paid to the training of novice traders, our opinion of Avatrade is irrefutable: as its slogan Trade with confidence so aptly states, our experts have been particularly attracted by Avatrade and this forex broker is without any doubt one of the best brokers currently on the market.

In order to make your debut in forex trading under the best possible conditions while benefiting from personalized support and customer service that meets your expectations, Avatrade is a forex broker that we can only strongly recommend

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