Review eToro 2022 : Come and Trade on One of the Best Forex Platforms in UK


Our review about eToro

With over 2000 assets to trade with and understanding forex, eToro UK is without a doubt the most innovative online broker. Appearing more than 10 years ago now, eToro fr has quickly established itself in the online trading market by allowing its traders to learn and copy or be copied by other traders.

As the inventor of social trading, eToro UK offers the opportunity for each of its traders, whether beginners or experts, to track as well as copy the financial transactions made by other traders.

Often regarded as one of the best online brokers, eToro fr has a solid reputation for both the quality of its eToro training and eToro security as well as the full range of assets to trade.

Our experts have carefully studied the various forex broker services and detail their eToro opinions on this page.

Presentation of the broker eToro UK

EToro UK made its appearance in 2007 in Tel Aviv with the main objective of making online trading more accessible to all and especially to the general public. With this in mind, the founders of eToro UK have created a platform that is ergonomic, easy to learn and pleasant to use.

It will only take a few years for eToro UK to establish itself in many countries including the United States and UK and to become one of the most reputable online brokers.

Resolutely focused on innovation, eToro UK strikes a big blow by becoming the very first social trading platform worldwide. What is it all about? Every trader belonging to the eToro fr broker community will be able to interact with other members of the community, including copying the trading strategies of top-performing investors.

In fact, novice traders will be able to learn by following in the footsteps of the best traders on the platform.

Currently, eToro UK has several million customers in more than 100 countries.

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Advantages and Disadvantages eToro EN

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of the eToro UK platform.

Benefits eToro en :

  • A large number of stock exchanges and financial instruments available to traders
  • No commission on long shares
  • An intuitive and immediately usable platform

Disadvantages eToro UK :

  • MT4 unavailable
  • A single account currency, i.e. USD
  • Only 15 crypto-currencies offered

How to trade on etoro en: platform presentation

In order to meet the requirements of its traders, novices as well as experts, eToro fr offers a trading platform that uses the latest technical innovations of the broker. Initially, eToro fr offered two distinct platforms (OpenBook and Mobile Trader).

Currently, eToro fr provides its customers with a unique platform that synthesizes the best features of OpenBook and Mobile Trader in a multi-media and feature-rich interface. This section summarizes everything you need to know about the platform eToro UK.

eToro login : how to open an account ?

Opening an account is a model of simplicity and speed at eToro UK.

First of all, each eToro UK applicant will have to fill in a registration form by providing his main personal data (name, first name, address, etc…). Once this is done, the applicant will be asked to choose a username and a password to access his eToro fr customer area.

Once this first step has been completed, the applicant will need to accept the eToro UK Terms of Use and simply click on the “Start Trading” icon.

Once on his personal space, the new eToro UK customer will be invited to complete his profile for the finalization of the registration.

The new eToro UK customer will be asked to provide their level of trading experience and indicate which assets they are particularly interested in. Similarly, the objectives and the amount of investment envisaged for the coming year will be requested. This data is only intended to help the customer refine their future trading strategy on eToro fr.

Once all these formalities have been completed, the eToro UK customer will finally be able to begin his very first transactions on the platform, with a limit set at €2000 to start with. The eToro UK customer will be able to proceed to the unblocking of this limit as soon as he has complied with all the operations of verification of his identity.

Assets available on eToro in UK

From equities to commodities to currency pairs, the eToro UK platform offers a full range of assets, which are described below:

  • Actions

EToro fr offers access to more than 600 listed shares on the 13 main stock exchanges

  • Crypto-currency

On the eToro fr platform, there are more than 15 crypto-currencies on which the customer will be able to trade: Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

  • Raw materials

The eToro UK trader will be able to invest in 6 commodities, namely copper, gas, oil, gold, silver and platinum.

  • Indices

13 indices including the CAC40 are available on the eToro fr platform.

  • Currencies

As far as the foreign exchange market is concerned, eToro UK allows forex trading on 50 currency pairs.

EToro UK bonuses

It’s a fact that there are no eToro bonuses especially with regards to deposits made by customers. On the other hand, they will be able to take advantage of various promotions regularly offered by the eToro UK platform.

As an example, an eToro fr customer who subscribes to a popular investor may get a full refund of the spread and only be charged 2% on the management fee.

Also, eToro UK regularly offers special welcome offers for new traders.

EToro security: the platform protects you

When it comes to security and regulation, the eToro UK platform is completely trustworthy. In particular, it is regulated in Europe by CySEC and is authorised to carry out online brokerage activities in a large number of countries around the world.

In each country where eToro fr operates, the broker complies with the regulations in force, as evidenced by its license issued by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom or the Australian Securities and Investments Commission in Australia.

The level of eToro security will depend on the profile of the customer, whether they are an individual or a professional. Since eToro fr follows the requirements of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID), the broker must necessarily categorize each customer in order to offer the best possible level of protection.

For example, for retail customers, eToro fr ensures optimal coverage of retail customers by using, for example, the Cypriot Investor Compensation Fund or the Financial Ombudsman Service.

And in the unlikely event that eToro UK were to go bankrupt, each trader would be eligible for the €20,000 compensation from the ICF Cyprus Fund.

EToro deposit and withdrawal

How do I deposit money on eToro UK?

Making a deposit on the eToro fr platform is easy. Simply go to your customer area and go to the “Deposit Funds” page.

EToro fr will then ask the trader for the amount he wishes to deposit as well as his preferred method of payment. Note that for an eToro deposit, the customer will have the choice between a bank transfer, a credit card or via online payment platforms such as Paypal.

Once the eToro deposit has been validated, the deposit will be executed instantly unless the trader has opted for wire transfer. In this case, the eToro Deposit will take between 24-72 hours to complete depending on the bank involved.

How to withdraw money on eToro UK?

For eToro fr withdrawals, here again, simplicity and speed are of stake since it will be enough to go to the tab “Withdraw funds” in its customer area.

Therefore, the eToro UK trader will be asked to indicate the amount he wishes to withdraw by first filling in the bank details form. Once the procedure has been validated, the funds will be transferred by bank transfer within 48 to 72 hours maximum.

eToro Fees: Trader Pricing Details

Before discussing the issue of eToro fees in more detail, it should be pointed out that the broker does not charge any commission on shares provided that they are invested long and without any leverage.

In fact, the eToro fr trader will not have to pay any brokerage fees each time he opens or closes a position. This feature is a great opportunity for novice eToro UK traders as they will not have to pay any fees for their very first orders. However, eToro UK does charge fees for all other financial transactions.

At eToro UK, trading is done with CFDs and regarding eToro’s applicable fees, these are divided into two categories:

  • EToro fees covering the entire duration of the position
  • Spread (difference between purchase and sale price) and variable according to market conditions

Finally, what is eToro’s opinion on the fees applied by the broker? EToro UK is clearly competitive in terms of its eToro fees, especially for CFDs. We particularly appreciate the absence of commission on long stocks which makes it one of the cheapest brokers on the market.

EToro en application: trading on your mobile phone

While the quality of eToro fr’s services has won over millions of traders, one of its many strengths is undeniably its mobile application. As much appreciated for its ergonomics as for its ease of use, eToro fr’s mobile application is compatible with the iOS and Android operating systems and will allow every eToro fr trader to follow the evolution of the markets in real time on a smartphone or a tablet.

If the eToro fr mobile application is appealing, it is also thanks to the various trading specific features it offers to eToro UK traders, such as the option to prevent the smartphone from going into standby mode, which is very useful for monitoring the evolution of a live curve.

Always at the forefront of innovation and anticipating the needs of its customers, eToro UK was one of the very first online brokers to develop its own mobile application. EToro fr’s mobile application has identical functionalities to its web version.

Whether it’s opening and closing positions, making a withdrawal or deposit, keeping up to date with the latest news or managing your asset portfolio, eToro’s mobile platform is a model of its kind and offers a truly unique trading experience to its customers.

Of course, while the mobile version of the eToro UK platform is very pleasant to use, the latter guarantees the same level of security and reliability as its web counterpart by using the same data encryption protocols among others.

EToro UK Training: Become a Quality Trader

One of the strengths of the eToro fr broker is that it is able to meet the requirements of both experienced and novice traders.

For traders who specialize in “opportunistic” arbitrages and who seek to exploit market opportunities without necessarily taking into account the real value of the asset in question, eToro UK will provide them with all the technical analyses they need to take positions.

For novice traders, eToro fr places a clear emphasis on training by offering them first-class support, especially for their first trades.

Training at eToro UK is characterized by a wide range of materials available to traders of all levels. From trading fundamentals, to different strategies and technical analysis by experts in the field, every eToro fr customer will have privileged access to a quality documentary base, completely free of charge.

The training at the eToro UK broker includes :

  • Explanatory videos with undeniable pedagogical qualities
  • Webinars
  • Interactive lessons
  • EToro fr experts ready to answer all your trading questions
  • A news blog

If the documentary base available at eToro UK is particularly rich, the broker also offers its novice traders a free demo account that will not only allow them to familiarize themselves with the various features of the eToro UK platform but also to develop their own strategies without taking any risk.

Please note that the eToro UK demo account grants a virtual €10,000 with which the eToro UK trader can take fictitious positions to take his first steps in trading. The eToro UK Demo Account is a great learning tool that will help you put into practice the theory taught on the platform.

Contact eToro: the most comprehensive customer service in the world

In terms of customer service, eToro fr is true to its reputation as a top level online broker with services that meet the requirements of every trader regardless of their profile.

Whether it is for a simple question or in the context of a dispute, an eToro UK technical team will be available to customers of the platform from Monday to Friday and 24 hours a day via the online chat service.

At the slightest problem, it will suffice to provide your name, email, the reference of the transaction concerned and the type of request in question. Please note that the eToro fr customer service is available for customers with an account as well as for people who are not registered on the eToro UK platform.

To find all the answers to his questions, the eToro UK trader can also rely on the platform’s frequently asked questions. Another important point: eToro UK’s customer service is available in several languages including English, English and German.

Our opinion eToro UK complete and objective

What is the final opinion of the broker eToro UK and how does the online trading platform position itself in relation to the competition? In our eToro opinion and considering the level of services provided by the broker, eToro UK is unquestionably one of the leaders in online trading.

Whether it’s the trading experience offered to its traders, the quality of its online application or the richness of its resources dedicated to learning how to trade, eToro fr is a leader in every aspect of the trading experience.

Perfectly suited for both novice and experienced traders, eToro UK is completely trustworthy and is one of the brokers to consider first.

Here are the areas that our specialists have particularly appreciated at eToro UK :

  • An ergonomic and easy-to-use customer area
  • Numerous and relevant graphical indicators
  • A mobile application for trading anywhere, anytime
  • The first broker to offer social trading

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